Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is the difference between a VW Golf and a VW Rabbit?

Is the Rabbit just a newer version of the old Golf? I had a 2004 Golf and really loved it. Until someone stole it. Now I drive a Pick-up and I'm thinking of going back to VW.What is the difference between a VW Golf and a VW Rabbit?
The Golf was just rebranded as the Rabbit for the US Market in 2006. So besides in name nothing.What is the difference between a VW Golf and a VW Rabbit?
Yes it is. there were some minor styling adgustmits to the golf which is now the rabbit. same engine
The are the differences in the new Rabbit from the old Golf is the following..... the new Rabbit has a 2.5 ltr engine (new version Golf/City has the old 2.0 ltr), the new Rabbit also has a different platform in that the Golf/City is this old platform with the new Rabbit being on a different chassis. There is a relation between an older GTI and the current new Rabbit, however I am unable to recall the years in question (poss 06 ?). The new Rabbit auto transmission has on optional tiptronic mode where as the new Golf/City comes standard with automatic triptronic transmission (6 speed). The Golf/City is a Canada model only so it may not apply if you live in the USA or other. American buyers can only purchase the Rabbit and the new body style Jetta, with the old body style still being available in Canada as a City Jetta.
The VW Rabbit was made in 1972. It was the first sport hatchback. The Rabbit GTI.

In the 1980's, they changed the name to Golf.

If it wasn't for the Rabbit/Golf, there wouldn't be any Honda Civic's, Mazda Protege's, or Mini Coopers.

They changed the name back to Rabbit in 2006 because lots of older cars were coming back like the Camaro.

There is no difference. They just changed the name.
The VW Rabbit is the North American brand name for the fifth generation Golf.
Actually, a Rabbit is older than the Golf. I don't think they make Rabbits anymore

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